The SBTVD parser project is a small tool for professionals working with Digital TV.

From content creation or distribution (including applications) to set-to box development and de-bugging soon or later you will need to get details about the transmission you're working with - and that's where a Transport Stream analyzer will help you out.

This parser is a Transport Stream analyser for the Brazilian D-TV system (SBTVD / ISDB-Tb). It basically shows in a GUI these informations:

The project started in 2008 as result of my effort to provide each tiny detail of the still recent broadcast scenario for a client defining their product specifications. As demand for more information grew, the tool received more and more functionalities, being now comparable to expensive licence-based professional tools.

Finally, although it accomplished the task of provide information for me and all the benefitiaries of these results it would be a shame keeping this software private. I've struggled for many times with simplistic tools that would not give me the necessary information, or being lead to an expensive piece of software (normally attached to some even more expensive hardware) from a big company. To end that situation and spread knowledge for anyone who seek it the entire code is now public, and as I work in an R&D company (CERTI) that promotes inovation and personal growth, there were no difficulties in spreading the word.

I hope this tool will help you out, serve as a stating point for coding and, depending on your enthusiasm, be your playground for testing new ideas and coping with the world.


  Gabriel A. G. Marques.