Mini how-to:
Normally double-clicking the jar opens the program, but depending on the set-up of the machine Windows may complain about the lack of SWT (a java package for graphical interfaces) that can be obtained for your OS version at If so, open the downloaded zip from Eclipse and extract the swt.jar to the parser directory, and run via the command line informing the path of swt.jar:
"java -Djava.library.path=swt.jar -jar tsp.jar"
If you want to automate the usage with scripts run: java -Djava.library.path=swt.jar -jar tsp.jar -help
Or create a shortcut with the destination "C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\javaw.exe -Djava.library.path=swt.jar -jar tsp.jar" to use the GUI only
Feel free to comment in the section bugs or request features.

Last release (v0.34) 2015-05-07
New features:
• Completed command line usage, CLI params can be applied to GUI too
• Text output with stats and bitrates to use with 'grep'
• Fast tree search, DSM-CC stream events
• Popup to copy the tree struct of a selected item
• ConditionalAccess descriptor and CA Table
• Timestamp on subtitles as requested by Rafael
• fix crop tool bug
• fix invalid chars on descriptors

Seventh release (v0.33) 2013-11-11
New features:
• Bitrate bars moved to bitrate tab, status bar layout fixed
• Some new descriptors
• fix re-parsing bug that shows many equal tables on the tree
• fix OpenJDK's java.util.Date issues
• fix OpenJDK's java.util.Date issues and perform proper EPG sorting

Sixth release (v0.32) 2012-02-02
New features:
• Old feature brought back: command line interface (use -help from CLI...)
• One can now force a PID to be parsed - in case it's not listed in other tables
• Decoding goes on even if a certain (small) crash occurs - PID goes to a black-list
• Offset descriptor decoding
• Carrousel is mounted considering moduleId too - fix buggy carrousels
• Persistent settings issue - silent crash when permissions were not properly set
• Help for CLI and fixes for noGui running mode
• Fix to run with GTK3 on 64bit machines

Fifth release (v0.31) 2010-11-29
New features:
• Demux - tool to select and filter PIDs for extraction into a new TS
• Crop - tool for selecting start and stop points in the progress bar and crop the TS into a new file
• Timestamps - when any item is selected in the PSI, caption or carousel trees the status bar shows the reception time-stamp of the item.
• Bitrates - the bitrate graphs now hold 5 min. of data and the sampling time selection was implemented.
• Save - now when saving a description text file every info. tree is saved along in it.
• Usability - las used folder is saved and recalled in the open/save dialogs and language selection is applied on-the-fly and persisted
• Many bugs related to timestamps
• Many internationalization tags were updated
• Code now adherent to java 1.5
• Refactoring of the descriptor hierarchy + extended evt. descriptor
• Better performance with the usage of HashMaps in several points

Fourth release (v0.3) 2010-09-19
New features:
• implemented the persistence classes
• implemented the update checker (http parser)
• implemented the update info. dialog
• added implementation of the regex filter
• DII block size now used for DDB insertion in modules
• Show 4 bytes from CRC (not 3)
• DSMCC progress bar (more than 100%)
• BW getHexSequence fail in empty descriptors
• missing i18n items and settings
• if module size is an exact multiple of partLenght it would fail
• encoding bug for update message
• moved the dialogs to a sub-package

Third release (v0.21) 2010-07-14
Same contents as the previous one, plus:
GUI in English (US-default) or Portuguese (BR) - set by a property file;

Second release (v0.2) 2010-07-11 Same contents as the previous one, plus:
New descriptors for the AIT;
Refactoring of the DSMCC mount process; added DDB message caching;
carroussels can be mounted even if incomplete, modules can be saved, added
suport for compressed carroussels
Bugfixes: continuity counters; packet sync; CRC labels

First release (v0.1) 2010-06-21
This release contains a fairly stable working version of the parser.
The zip file contains these archives:
- COPYNG.txt - The GPL licence.
- swt.jar - Sun SWT version 3.557 for windows
- tsp.jar - the program itself
- TS parser.lnk - a windows launcher link (runs javaw.exe -jar tsp.jar)

For Linux users: Running the parser in Ubuntu